Geological mapping

A graduate of the geological mapping specialization achieve the most important skills and essential qualifications in the production of geological maps, design and logistics of geological project in prospecting for mineral deposits.
The curriculum pays special attention to geodetic base of geological mapping, advanced geomorphological analysis and subsurface structure as well as related computer techniques. Legal aspects of geological activities and environmental protection projects are discussed.

Geochemistry of environmental changes

The Environmental Engineering study programme introduces the student into modern scientific and technical advancements that enable to solve the crucial problems of this field.
A graduate of the environmental engineering has skills required to solve problems related to environmental policies and energetic economy of the country, application of geochemical analysis and modeling of petroleum and natural gas generation processes as the tools applied in exploration for hydrocarbons. natural gas searching, towns development, village typology taking into account biodiversity, geodiveristy and ecodiversity.

The Petroleum Geochemistry Laboratory has the latest equipment: